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Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

Inspired by Award-Winning Mixologist, Stephanie Sanchez

Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

Inspired by Award-Winning Mixologist, Stephanie Sanchez

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Cocktail Artist® Award-Winning Premium Strawberry Daiquiri & Margarita Mix is a sweet and versatile staple for your home bar. Made with strawberry puree, lime juice, pure cane sugar, and organic blue agave nectar (never high fructose corn syrup), this mix doubles as a base for daiquiris and strawberry margaritas.

Nutritional Facts & Ingredients

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Award Winner

mixologist spotlight

Stephanie Sanchez

February 23

Santa Cruz, CA

traveling, spending time with family, outdoors, working out, eating desserts – especially cookies and cupcakes


I’ve always loved cooking and creating my own recipes and it was an easy transition from making food to making cocktails. Plus, they are a lot faster to make than a complex meal, and you can create so many different drinks from just a few simple, quality ingredients. Living in the central valley of California gives me easy access to some of the best organic fruits and veggies so I love making farm to bar, super-fresh cocktails. I enjoy creating my own unique recipes that deliver a tasty, refreshing experience for my guests, friends and family. I’m known for always having a smile on my face and a warm welcome.


I love strawberries, so it was fun to develop this refreshing Strawberry Daiquiri/Margarita Mix.  I’m proud to say we use all natural juices and strawberry puree and none of the fake stuff.  This mix is great for summer, vacations, pool parties or just enjoying in your own home.


Best Bartender in Santa Cruz by Good Times