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Sweet & Sour Mix

Inspired by Award-Winning Mixologist, Darnell Holguin

Sweet & Sour Mix

Inspired by Award-Winning Mixologist, Darnell Holguin

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Cocktail Artist® Award-Winning Premium Sweet & Sour Mix provides a perfectly balanced blend of lemon and lime juices with the lightly sweet finish of organic blue agave nectar syrup, perfect for mixing with whiskey or your favorite spirit.

Nutritional Facts & Ingredients

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Award Winner

mixologist spotlight

Darnell Holguin

December 13

New York, NY

spending time with friends, outdoor activities, cooking, and making cocktails


I grew up in the Theater and have always enjoyed the energy you get from performing on stage. Today, I’ve found that thrill behind the bar with the fast pace, lively exchanges with guests, and the ability to transform their experience with tasty cocktails. I look to make my cocktails fun and unique, but still approachable. Something else I like to do is incorporate ingredients that stem heavily from my Dominican culture or other cultural influences that are rarely used.


I love Sweet & Sour Mix because it’s so versatile and delicious. This mix removes all the guesswork for you and delivers the right balance of sweet and sour without the artificial colors and sweeteners.


Bacardi Legacy East Coast Regional Champion 2017, NYC Best Bartender by Time Out Magazine, USBG National Finalist of Legacy Cocktail Showcase