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Triple Sec Syrup

Inspired by Award-Winning Mixologist, Jen Ackrill

Triple Sec Syrup

Inspired by Award-Winning Mixologist, Jen Ackrill

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Cocktail Artist® Award-Winning Premium Triple Sec Syrup combines natural orange flavor and pure cane sugar to add the essence of the classic liqueur to your cocktails without the alcohol content.

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Award Winner

mixologist spotlight

Jen Ackrill

November 1

Honolulu, HI

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After bartending for years, I moved to the craft side in 2006 when the Farm to Table movement took off and it influenced me to apply those methods to create original craft cocktails. Today, I continue to push my own creativity using the island around me for inspiration.


The ingredient I chose to help develop is Triple Sec Syrup. Layering flavors is an important aspect of cocktail creation – if a drink calls for sugar, adding a syrup like Triple Sec with its bright orange notes can add an additional and interesting flavor profile, making a more complex drink. It also has a great range of diversity and its uses aren't limited to just craft cocktails, but also beer cocktails and culinary applications. Triple sec can add a bit of sweetness and citrus to vinaigrettes, banana bread, smoothies and really anything.


Top 6 Hawaiian Bartenders of 2016 by Modern Luxury, Contributing mixologist for educational video series